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Excursions and Tours to Yerevan

Yerevan ToursThe best way to start to explore amazing Armenia is with tours to Yerevan. The city with history of almost 2800 years lived up numerous upheavals, conquests, and today it is a beautiful and neat capital; guests of which has a chance to enjoy a lot of sights of different epochs.

The main attraction that none tour in Yerevan can exist is the Erebuni fortress. It has become not only the foundation of the city, but also a prototype of the present name. Today this monument of 782 B.C. is located on the outskirts of the city with the museum of the same name nearby. There are many findings gathered in the collection: items of everyday life, jewelry, weapons, arrow-heads and others.

Another interesting sight often met in the most of the tours in Yerevan is Matenadaran thatis translated from the old Armenian as “repository of manuscripts”. Indeed, it is a large library where many ancient manuscripts, the first hand-written books created in the period of 5-18th centuries are stored.

Yerevan Tours Yerevan city center Yerevan Tours

During the excursion in Yerevan, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the unusual architectural landmark of the Big Cascade, many-tier stairs adorned with beautiful sculptures, fountains and ornaments. The top of the Cascade will open up a great panoramic view of the capital.

Apart from these sights, Yerevan can boast with lots of wonderful monuments, interesting museums, and simply old quarters built with mansions of the 19th century. You can also find famous historical places such as Echmiadzin, Garni and others in the city surroundings.

Yerevan Tours Yerevan Tours Yerevan Tours

Of course, it is impossible to imagine tour to Yerevan without gastronomical discoveries of Armenian cuisine and tasting famous cognac. There are many restaurants of local cuisine for gourmets in the city, and connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages can have a great time in the Yerevan Cognac Factory.

Welcome to the beautiful “Pink City” Yerevan!