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Subway of Yerevan

Yerevan subway is one of its sights. It greatly differs from subways in other cities. There are no crowds during the peak hours and no advertisement in stations and carriages. An absence of all these usual things in the subway is explained that citizens do not like this form of transport too mush. Most people prefer surface transport. As a consequence, each train has only 2 subway cars.

Yerevan subway was opened on March 7, 1981. This was preceded by almost 10 years building and was connected with high growth of population in the Armenian capital. First time 6 stations were put into operation and later 2 more. The decoration of stations is quite plain. Some of them are above the ground, due to relief features of Yerevan. However, stations create an atmosphere of traveling in underground.

The total length of subway line in Yerevan is 13.4 km, which includes 10 stations. The annual passenger traffic is 21 million people. In addition, it is planning to build a second branch, which will be perpendicular to the first, and probably will cause more interest from residents to the subway, which was always characterized by quickness and frequency of runs.