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Zoo and botanic garden

Botanic garden, Yerevan

There are botanic garden, Zoo and Aqua Park in the northeastern part of Yerevan. The residents of the city like these places very much and consider them as the best choice for relaxation.

Botanical garden has the total area of 90 hectares. The fact that it was created on semi-desert foothills, deserves the respect. For 60 years of existence more than 1,070 species of plants representing the flora of the Caucasus, Crimea, Europe, North America and East Asia were planted here. Among the unique exhibits, visitors can see such plants as chestnut leaf oak, tulip tree, Polish larch, Manchurian nut-tree and a collection of orchids from all over the world.

The rose garden takes a special place in the Botanic Garden. It collected more than 300 varieties of 14 kinds of roses. Among them there are such sorts as "La France", "Zonder-Meldung", "Yvonne Rabie" and "The Princess de Bearn”. This collection will be interesting not only for florists, but also for any person, who has a sense of beauty.

The Yerevan Botanic Garden also has a library at the Institute of Botany, which located on the territory of the garden. It includes over 28 thousand books, describing the flora of Armenia in details and researches in Geobotany, biochemistry, etc. Seed laboratory, containing a fund of seed flora of Armenia, is a good addition to the library.

Yerevan Zoo has many similarities with the botanic garden: it was also established more than 60 years ago and represents a collection of various animals from the Caucasus region and all over the world. It totally contains 2,300 individuals of animals and birds.

Today the Zoo needs a restoration and renovation of most enclosures. The City Hall is going to build a new zoo in the nearest future. It is worth to mention that collection of Yerevan Zoo is regularly widened with new animals. The Zoo has animals included in the Red Book, which ensures the preservation of their species.

It is also worth to say about the Yerevan Aqua Park "Water World", where you can fully relax at hot summer days. It is placed between the botanic garden and zoo and has an area of 2 hectares. Aqua Park includes a lot of water attractions, swimming pools, as well as cafes, restaurants, shops and much more.

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