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Victory Park

Victory Park, Yerevan

After the Second World War a lot of parks dedicated to the victory of fascism began to appear all over the Soviet Union. The Victory Park in Yerevan, located on the Nork hill, is one of them. Previously, it was just a green park area, but now it is a place where the residents of the city can have rest and where the Victory Day is celebrated on May 9.

Otherwise it is called as the Park “Akhtanak”. The central monument placed here and dedicated to war is a monument of "Mother Armenia", which gets 43.5 meters in height. The monument of Stalin was placed here in 60-ies of XX century, but after dethroning the cult of personality it was dismantled. And the "Mother Armenia" is a symbol of defense of the country: a woman holding a sword in his hand and a shield at her feet.

The eternal flame burns before the statue on a granite platform. It keeps the memory of those who was killed in this terrible war. The "Mother Armenia” stands on the plinth inside of which a military museum places. The grave of "unknown soldier" places near the monument. The military equipment of different years situated in the vicinity of the monument.

In the Victory Park of Yerevan there are variety of attractions for children, number of cafes and a small but picturesque pond. Nice view of the capital of Armenia opens from here.

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