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Republic square

Republic square, Yerevan

Every big city must have a central square, where all the main events of citizens’ life will be held. Yerevan has such square, called as the Republic Square.

Its construction was designed by academician Tamanyan, who created the general plan of the city at the beginning of the XX century. The development of the project began in 1924 and lasted until 1971, because the general plan was changed by the landscape features in the course of works. The square got trapezoid oval shape instead of strictly oval shape.

The Republic Square, which was named after Lenin till 1991, is the completed creation, which is very similar to central squares of many European cities today. The square is surrounded by five buildings: the History Museum, the Armenian Government, the Central Post Office of Armenia, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a 4-star hotel «Marriott Armenia». All of them are designed in one style: the main material used in construction was tuff, basalt for lower parts of the buildings and tuff of pink and white colors faced the facades. The facades are also decorated with ancient Armenian carving.

Additional decoration of the square is 2750 small fountains installed on a small street adjoining to the square in 1968. in the year of installation these fountains symbolized the age of Yerevan. They are illuminated with different colors at nights, making the city more beautiful. The central oval part of the square is designed with huge mosaic mural. Another decoration of the square is the city chimes, installed on the Government House.

Republic Square is a real pride of Yerevan, symbolizing the completion of growth and achieving of excellence. This square is a reflection of age and greatness of the city. The Republic Square is the connection of ancient traditions with modern culture, and, of course, it is the face of Yerevan.

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