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David Sasunskiy

David Sasunskiy, Yerevan

A monument to David Sasunskiy, which is located on the railway station square, is one of the main symbols of Yerevan. This monument was set in 1959 in honor of national hero who fought against the Arab invaders. There is no one in Armenia who does not know about the great hero, whose name has been mentioned in the folk epic for centuries.

Folk tales are related to the real history of the Armenian nation. Once the habitants of Sasun region rebelled against the Arab oppression and David was one of the leaders. They say he was very hot-tempered and strong in his youth, and growing up he became the protector of weak and oppressed. His main feat is the expulsion of Arabs and victory over their leader Msra Melik.

His powerful horse Jalali and the divine lightning sword helped him to win the enemies. All these cases are shown in sculpture, where David, sitting on a rearing horse swings for a strike. Here you can also see a symbolic cup of patience of the Armenian people. It places on the edge of the stone and is symbolically full up. David became the reflection of valiant and strong character of his people, ready to repulse the enemy.

The monument is located in the center of a circular basin with a diameter of 25 meters and gets 12.5 meters in height. The sculptor of this Yerevan symbol was Yervant Kochar. He managed to capture so much dynamics in the sculpture: the falling bowl, jump of the horse, readiness to make a crushing strike with a sword.

The monument of David Sasunskiy is inseparably connected with the history and culture of Armenia. Despite of the fact that this monument was installed over fifty years ago, it is impossible to imagine Yerevan without this national warrior rushing to the enemy on his powerful horse.

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