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Grand Cascade

Grand Cascade

At the beginning of XX century the architecture academician A. Tamanyan researched the landscape of Yerevan and climatic characteristics of the region. His works became the basis in organization of the building of Armenian capital. In honor of 50 anniversary of the Soviet power in Armenia the works on the main objects of this architect were commenced.

Grand Cascade is a mix of park and building, creating a unique architectural composition and connecting two parts of the city. Its name reflects the main point of the sight which seems making big steps down to the street named after Tamanyan. Its lower part is a wide square with the length of 200 meters, at the beginning of which the sculpture of Tamanyan bent over his plans. The structure has a length of 500 meters, width of 50 meters, and the height difference between the base and the top is 100 meters. “Revived Armenia” obelisk, which is rising to 50 meters, is the completion of the Cascade since 1971.

There are a lot of fountains and flower beds near the steps leading to the top. Inside the cascade there are a lot of rooms where cafes, restaurants and art galleries are going to be placed after the completion of the building. The work on the construction of cascade is in the final stage: construction was stopped during the Karabakh conflict, but now it is close to completion. Less than 20 meters left to reach the top.

The appearance of the Grand Cascade reflects the ancient history of Yerevan. Fountains and obelisks contain various ornaments, which were inherent to the ancient kingdom of Urartu. It's difficult to appreciate the beauty of this design now, but the Grand Cascade is going to be the central place of rest for all citizens to the end of the construction. Beautiful urban landscapes can be observed from the different platforms of the cascade.

There is an escalator inside the cascade rising on two thirds of the construction height and making the elevation easier. As for the stairs, it has 675 steps, which can serve as an excellent exercise in climbing. There is no doubt that the Grand Cascade is the final point in the life of the great Armenian architect Tamanyan.

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