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Museums of Yerevan

To get acquainted with all the beauty of Armenian architecture and with all important events in the history of Armenia even a year would not be enough. Even the residents of Yerevan often do not know some details of the history of their city. Museums are opened to give people the opportunity to find everything in one place. Other countries do the same. The museums of Yerevan are quite interesting places, which may show you the new Armenia.

The main place takes the History Museum of Armenia and the Art Gallery of Armenia, which are located in one building at the Republic Square, the heart of Yerevan. They display the history and art of Armenia for the whole period of existence of this state. In addition, collections of these museums are replenished each year. Exhibitions and expositions devoted to different eras and events in the history of Armenia are often held here.

An important place in the culture and the history of Yerevan takes Matenadaran, which is a museum, book depository, library and research institute in one. It was created in the V century by Mesrope Mashtots, the founder of Armenian writing. Matenadaran contains over 100,000 books and manuscripts, which are investigated by linguists, and exhibited to public.

Another interesting place is the Museum of Erebuni, located on a hillside of Arin-Berd. The fortress of Erebuni, which supposedly marked the origin of Yerevan, was built on this hill. The Museum keeps findings, which were made on the hill, such as jewelry, household items, the cuneiform inscriptions, fragments of frescoes, etc.

Yerevan also has museums dedicated to the city itself. Among them there are such museums as the History Museum of Yerevan and the Museum of A. Tamanyan. They reflect the development of the city since its inception to present days. The museum of Tamanyan pays more attention to the architecture and town planning, while the History Museum of Yerevan represents collections of jewelry, household items, etc.

Among the museums of Yerevan the Museum of Modern Art named after Heinrich Igityan takes an important place. This museum collected works of Armenian artists who were forbidden during the Soviet union. Later the works of Armenian artists, who emigrated to Europe and USA, appeared here. The museum collection numbers about 2500 pictures. The annual exhibitions and auctions provide an opportunity to buy new works of famous artists in Armenia.

In addition to mentioned above museums there are a lot of museums and house museums of famous people in Yerevan. It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of museums, because they are the concentration of cultural sites and history of the city. Visiting even a part of these museums you would know many new things about Yerevan.

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